Greenpeace Release Report On The Best And Worst Tech Firms For Eco-Friendliness

A Click Clean report recently released by Greenpeace has detailed which of the large tech firms in the world does the most – and indeed the least – for the environment. Greenpeace have stated that the IT sector is one of the greater energy consumers and the carbon footprint of many tech companies are growing.

The report weighs up tech companies based on a variety of criteria, such as their renewable energy procurement, their transparency over the energy they use, their public advocacy and overall energy efficiency. Each of the tech companies and large data center operators are given a letter grade between A – F.

Some of the companies with an F – the worst possible letter grade – include Hulu, Vevo, Soundcloud and Pandora. Some of the least green tech firms include Samsung, Netflix, Oracle and Twitter, who are all guilty of moving towards ‘dirty energy’.

Both Google and Apple are ranked highest in the report for their eco-friendly efforts. iTunes specifically was awarded an A-grade rating and Apple as a whole received A-ratings for nearly every category. Apple has always been a leader in eco-friendly operations, vowing to power the iCloud entirely with renewable energy, which has put it at the top of Greenpeace’s Click Clean report year after year.

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