Introducing Group FaceTime…at a later date

Group FaceTime

Imagine taking your group chat to the next level with Group FaceTime. Well, you can’t do more than imagine because while Group FaceTime was due to release with iOS 12, Apple has now decided to release this feature at a later date.

The feature has been removed from iOS 12 beta 7 and “will ship in a future software update later this fall.” When it does release, this feature will give you the chance to FaceTime to not just 3, but 32 people simultaneously.

Since the first betas of iOS 12 and macOS Mojave were released in June, this feature has been included and it is not yet clear why Apple has removed this. Upon basic testing, the feature appeared to work well.

Similarly, when iOS 11 was released, Apple delayed features that were originally included in the betas, including Apple Pay Cash, AirPlay 2, and Messages in iCloud.

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