Hacker Makes Doom Playable On A Keyboard Key

Doom is a highly influential and revolutionary shooter released back in 1993 with a huge fan base and much critical acclaim. One of the more unique ways fans have shown their adoration for this game is by attempting to port it to a range of different devices.

The term ‘device’ is used in its broadest terms. Some past examples have shown versions of Doom that are fully playable on a printer, a calculator, an iPod screen, a cash machine and even an oscilloscope (a machine designed to measure voltage oscillations.

YouTube channel ‘Radioactive Channel’ posted a video that demonstrated them playing Doom 2 on a 48×48 screen fitted onto a single keyboard key.

The hacker used an Optimus keyboard, which replaces the standard letter printing on each key with a dedicated screen instead. Sure, it may not have a very smooth frame-rate, but it’s official: Doom 2 can, in fact, be played on a computer keyboard.

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