Happy 59th Birthday, Steve Jobs

Steve jobs

Former Apple CEO Steve Jobs was born 59 years ago today. His life was unusual from its very beginning. The child of a young unmarried couple, he was put up for adoption and taken in by Paul and Clara Jobs. Early on,  “Jobs and his father would work on electronics in the family garage,” instilling in young Jobs self-confidence and an interest in the inner workings of technology. Despite his restlessness as a young man, Jobs eventually settled into a direction of success with the start of Apple. He and Steve Wozniak became revolutionaries in the computer industry, and Jobs later became a revolutionary in the tech industry with the invention of the iPod and then the iPhone. Because of his hard work and innovation, Steve Jobs has become one of the greatest figures of our time.

Tim Cook, current Apple CEO and close friend of Jobs, honors him today with two heartfelt Tweets. In one of the tweets, he states that Apple “honor[s] him by continuing the work he loved so much.” In the other, he seems to be asking indirectly for Apple customers’ patience by quoting Jobs: “Details matter, it’s worth waiting to get it right.” Apple has been slow to put out new products, but Cook promised great things in new product categories for 2014. Hopefully, this promise comes to fruition; after all, Cook has some very large shoes to fill.

Steve Jobs left behind a legacy. Though his death came much too soon, he accomplished in very little time what most people can only dream of. He’ll be remembered fondly and with reverence.

Happy birthday, Steve.


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