Happy New Year: 2014


It hardly seems believable that this year is at its close, that a promising new year is so quickly upon us. Aren’t we all eager for improvements sure to come, for everything to be upgraded to something bigger, better, and faster? Well, sure. But for all the excitement about 2014, I think 2013 deserves a quick tech recap. Here are the major products Apple rolled out in the past year:

  • The much-anticipated iOS 7, which hailed mixed reviews upon its release
  • The iPhone 5s and its 5c counterpart
  • The iPad Air, the lightest tablet of its time
  • The iPad Mini with Retina display

In the words of Tim Cook, “We have a lot to look forward to in 2014…”

Our anticipation for the arrival of 2014 will be relieved at the stroke of midnight, and from there we can look forward to the innovations and discoveries (both in tech and in other areas) sure to be made this year.

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