Happy Social Media Day! Yes, it’s an Annual Day – and Today

Happy Social Media Day! Yes, it's an Annual Day - and Today

Happy Social Media Day! Admittedly, you might not actually have realized that it is today, perhaps even because you have been so busy chatting about other subjects on social media. How ironic. But it is indeed today – and has occurred every 30 June since 2010, when it was established by the tech news website Mashable. But what is it really all about?

Aren’t so many of us already so preoccupied with social media that we don’t really need a special day to think about the likes of Facebook, Twitter and Google+? However, though Mashable seems to acknowledge this, the website has also today reminded its visitors to “use this holiday to reflect on the opportunities and experiences social media and the digital revolution have given us”.

Happy Social Media Day! Yes, it's an Annual Day - and Today

Social Media Day has become a genuinely international celebration; around the globe, hundreds of events are taking place and attracting thousands of people who are enthusiastic about social media. You could even be surprised to find that one of these events will be happening particularly close to you!

If not, however, you can still publicly chat about the big day using – what else – social media and, in the process, use Mashable’s suggested hashtag of #SMDay. As you can see from our screenshots here, many people already have.

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