Has Apple Won The Millennial Generation?

This week here in the United States, we witnessed Barack Obama get re-elected for a second term as the leader of our free world.  In a nation where the economy is in shambles and people are worried about every expense – and frankly the future of their lives – getting in their vote is a spectacular feat. 

It seemed like almost every news outlet claimed the key to Obama’s success was his coalition and foundation of youth that he built in 2008. I feel as though Apple has accomplished a very similar victory to Obama’s, not on the same scale by any means, but along the same lines. It was said on a few different television channels that “Obama has won the millennial generation” and I feel Apple has done the same.

Most of us know that every dollar in our wallets counts right now more than ever before, and this is something tech companies are very aware of. In most cases companies are actually afraid of the millennials because they don’t make purchases based on the same traits as past generations.

With that said, have you ever wondered, besides sheer innovation, how Apple continues its great success in this current market? They have done so by winning over the millennial generation which is anyone born in 1980 and after, and they do this in a number of ways. Their advertising campaigns are always light-hearted and tend to leave “serious” at the door. If you look at different reports, millennials are very opposed to big business and are more in favor of a large social event type atmosphere. This generation also seems to be very brand loyal and tends to avoid the “every day” experience. Through their advertising, unique image, and providing customers with services like the Genius Bar, Apple has certainly won brand loyalty.

Being a member of the millennial group myself, I know that there are huge obstacles in our path and we have a lot to overcome. When I am in the market for a new laptop or tablet, I am looking for a product and experience that takes my mind off of my bills and large student loan payments.

When we see an advertisement for Apple, we tend to see a lot of positive human interaction. The advertisements in the past for FaceTime were genius. They focused mainly on friends,  family and other things that bring a smile to one’s face.  They usually stay away from business and economy-focused features, which could subliminally remind us to watch our money.

Though the economy needs work and there is much that needs fixing, I am confident that people will continue to spend their hard-earned money on Apple products no matter the price tag. They have won the millennial generation or youth vote not only for now, but for life.

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