HBO Go Is Now Compatible With Apple TV App

Apple’s new TV app is collecting more partners by the day, with HBO providing support for its HBO Go service that comes free for all subscribers.

HBO Now is already available on Apple TV, but with the inclusion of the cable-only HBO Go service, users will be able to make use of the single sign-on feature, which makes logging into TV apps ten times less annoying. Subscribers to the service will be able to store login details through Apple to allow easy access to HBO shows and negate separate logins when switching from one service to another.

This also integrates HBO programming into other functions of the TV app, including the “What’s Next” tab. You’ll be able to queue several different shows from different services and jump from one service to another with no problem. HBO shows will also appear within Apple’s universal search feature. For example, if you search for an HBO show such as Westworld, you can select it and, with a single tap, move over to the HBO Go service to watch it.

HBO is a major partner when it comes to home entertainment. Hopefully, Apple will be working closely with other big name networks in the future to make their TV app an all-encompassing hotbed of entertainment and news.

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