HomeHero App Using CareKit to Help Post-Hospital Patients

HomeHero App Using CareKit to Help Post-Hospital Patients

HomeHero, a provider of non-medical home care, is using Apple’s recently-launched CareKit software framework to help a major medical center look after patients readjusting after hospital stays.

This partnership with Los Angeles’ Cedar-Sinai Medical Center has resulted in the creation of an iOS app which will assist patients at this leading nonprofit academic medical facility. Development has used CareKit, which lets medical professionals develop useful apps without coding expertise.

This HomeHero app, which is available to the public but not visible in the App Store, allows caregivers to track their work and keep in contact with their company. And, while it’s among the first apps put to use in a major hospital, it looks very unlikely to be the last.

“CareKit is early in its use, and it’s much to HomeHero’s credit they’re the first of our partners to be leveraging it,” Cedars-Sinai Chief Information Officer Darren Dworkin told Mashable. “It’s the right thing to do as a health system, to enable patients to get information through commonly available platforms, as well as an area for growth. There will be other partners that seek out CareKit.”

Apple’s initiatives for the healthcare field could be bolstered by its recent ventures in machine learning – and we look much closer at those in the new AppleMagazine issue released today.

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