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HomeKit Secure Video: Apple Store iPads show off demo

Major new iOS feature coming soon

Apple Store iPads have teased a new demo of Apple’s HomeKit Secure Video feature.

Apple announced earlier in the year that HomeKit will support security cameras natively on iOS and macOS, and now we have the first look of the feature as thanks to Zachary Truskowski, who uploaded the footage from an Apple Store iPad, suggesting a full release is expected in the coming weeks.

This video shows off a minute of footage and offers details for the Camera shown off in the original demo, though Apple doesn’t list the manufacturer or camera model in this teaser.

Logitech, Eufy, and Netatmo, however, have all been confirmed to support HomeKit Secure Video.

Earlier in the week, one Reddit user shared the user interface for the new playback functionality of HomeKit Secure Video, which offers a glance at people, pets, and cars.

Indeed, Apple’s HomeKit Secure Video AI is able to intelligently detect and determine between people, pets, and cars, and offers icons so you can identify them in the feed.

What’s more, users are able to jump right into the live feed, as well as turn off the sound, export and share footage, and scrub between dates and times for fast CCTV viewing.

Users can also tap on a button with four tiles to see specific camera data such as outside temperature, motion, and other unique-to-camera features.

Those running the iOS 13.2 beta are beginning to see popups to encourage them to set up a HomeKit Secure Video-enabled camera, though there are no cameras with live functionality just yet.

Apple announced earlier in the year that HomeKit Secure Video would launch with iOS 13, so we’re surely just a few weeks away from the official roll-out around the world?

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