HomePod Mini Debuts in Denmark, Suggesting No Immediate Plans for New Model Apple has started selling the HomePod mini and second-generation HomePod in Denmark, which likely indicates no plans for a new model in the near future.

HomePod mini in blue

Apple has begun selling the HomePod mini and the second-generation HomePod in Denmark, following the devices’ release in Singapore last month. The HomePod mini initially launched in October 2020 in the U.S. and a few other countries.

Although it hasn’t seen any major hardware updates since, new color options were introduced in November 2021, and the speaker’s temperature and humidity sensor was enabled earlier this year.

The HomePod mini’s launch in Denmark likely suggests that a second-generation model won’t be released anytime soon.

Apple discontinued the original full-size HomePod in 2021, but unveiled a second-generation model in January. This new HomePod maintains a similar design to its predecessor, featuring a larger backlit touch surface and other enhancements.

Although it has two fewer tweeters, reviews indicate that the new HomePod’s sound quality is comparable to the original. However, Siri continues to lag behind other virtual assistants in performance.

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