HomePod now sold out online following earlier discontinuation

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Apple’s HomePod is now sold out online in the United States.

The company discontinued the original HomePod several months ago, adding a “while supplies last” tag to the HomePod product page, and has been running through stock ever since. The company confirmed in March that it was to discontinue the model and instead focus on the HomePod mini, priced at $99 and competing against the Google Home Mini and Amazon Echo Dot.

Within days of the announcement of the device being discontinued, the space gray model sold out, and now it appears as though the white variety has also disappeared. Apple hasn’t removed the product page for the HomePod just yet, so it could be working through some additional stock, but it seems we’re close to the end of the road for the product. By comparison, when Apple discontinued the iMac Pro, it removed all references of the device as soon as the final units were sold on its retail store.

Apple struggled to generate much interest in its $349 HomePod, and although its sound quality was praised by critics, most agreed that its price tag was just too high. Apple dropped the price to $299, but even then, other brands offered superior speakers and smart assistants for a fraction of the cost.

Apple is committed to HomePod mini, however, and is reportedly working on a new set-top box that combines a smart speaker and a camera to rival Facebook’s Portal. The product could be announced as soon as this fall.

Are you sad to see HomePod discontinued? Let us know and check back soon for more news.

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