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More and more people are having problems with their internet connection. Not only do they feel it’s slow, but they have problems doing their jobs when working from home. They lose productivity, which could end up getting them in trouble with work. Then there are issues with streaming, among other things.

As the infographic below illustrates, 70% of Americans have some kind of problem with their internet connection. It’s one of the more common areas that people report problems with. That doesn’t mean they’re starting to give up their current provider and switch to a new one, though.

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Instead, just over a tenth of Americans are actually buying new equipment and improving their performance. The hassle of switching providers could be one of the more notable reasons why they hold back, as is the cost and potential outages as they switch.

That 11% of people are just slightly more than the 10% of Americans who said their internet connection was “great.” With that small of a fraction of people actually liking their internet connection that much, it’s easy to see why more and more Americans are getting frustrated. With working from home getting more and more popular, frustrations could reach an all-time high.

The belief among consumers is that upgrading their equipment could be the easiest way to improve their internet performance.

As the infographic shows, a new mesh system is the most popular way Americans believe that’ll happen. Despite that, the adoption of these techniques and systems is still quite low.

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