How Apple Technology Contribute In Education System

The evolution of technology has made a great impact on a lot of people, more so, to teachers and students. At this age of high technology, a lot of people are reaping many benefits from it as it is making a great contribution to their lives, especially in the education sector. Remote education has become possible through gadgets created by leading companies such as Apple as one does not need to enter a classroom to be able to study. Gadgets such as Mac, iPhone, and iPad have been created with in-built communication features that help in learning. These gadgets are, especially of great assistance to students with learning difficulties, limitations, and disabilities as well as boosting the creativity of the students. With the help of these gadgets students with visual impairment, deafness, blindness, and other disabilities get to learn and achieve their life goals, just like their abled counterparts. Long gone are the days when children with disabilities were hidden in the houses with no education. These days, they can attend school to learn and interact with others with no limitations. How then, does Apple technology make an impact in the education system? To answer the question, let’s look at the below facts written by  this website.

Apple products help children with learning limitations

Apple products have made a great impact in the education sector, more so to the differently-abled children. Every child has a right to quality education, and it does not matter whether they have physical disabilities. With these gadgets, even children with learning limitations can go to class and learn as their abled counterparts and be able to realize their dreams. With these gadgets, only “the sky is the limit” for them. With the special in-built features in Apple gadgets, children with special needs can learn and eventually get respectable jobs. They need not stay at home or end up in the streets begging for handouts. To understand this better, let’s have a look at these features,

  1. Speak screen

This feature is capable of reading information from various sources such as books, website pages and, magazines. In place of reading, this feature emphasizes listening to what is read. This special in-built feature is essential to children suffering from dyslexia, a reading disability. Children suffering from dyslexia are unable to read or interpret words, letters or symbols although this does not affect their general intelligence. With the help of speak screens, they can write or type the words spoken aloud. The iPhone can speak selected text or the whole screen as required, it can also give feedback, corrections, and suggestions as one types. 

  1. Video iChat

This feature is used for deaf students by helping them to communicate with their teachers and classmates without barriers. This is an online massaging application that facilitates communication between deaf persons, their teachers, and classmates. This application requires a video camera and microphone and one needs internet access and an account with a messaging service Google talk, iCloud or, Yahoo. Here, the video incorporates sign language to communicate certain information with deaf students as well as enhancing class discussions amongst themselves. 

  1. Screen reading

 Every Mac is built with technology to assist blind people or those with low vision. Visually impaired students are not able to read ordinary books or what is displayed on computer screens. The voice-over screen reader describes exactly what is happening on the screen. The software reads whatever information or text is displayed on the screen, in return the student can write down or type the same information in braille. With this software, the blind do not have to rely on others to read for them.

  1. Calculator and Grapher

This is a visual and audio application that is useful for students with dyscalculia. Students with difficulties in learning and understanding arithmetic can use this feature to help them with calculations and graphing. The use of this software helps students with this problem able to understand and excel in mathematics subjects.

Apple Products Boosts Creativity of Students

Apple Company, being a leader in new technology offers many choices that are crucial for motivating students in studying and improving their creativity. IPad is equipped with in-built applications for individual learning and Apple education for different students, this is because every student is unique with different learning capabilities. Apple products help students to explore the world to do wide research for their academic research.

Reasons why an iPad is better than a PC

Both students and teachers have proved over and over that iPad are better than personal computers. 

-The process of learning is no longer time or location-limited as one can study at any time, whether during the day or at night as long as you have the gadget.

-Learning is no longer confined to the school building as one can even study on the go or in the confinement of his room. 

-Each student can study at his/her own pace without competing with anyone. Since not all persons have the same understanding capabilities, he can take all the time to understand a particular concept and no one will be on his neck. One can choose an application and personal contents that are best suited for him.

-Students become responsible members of the learning process.

-In-built features such as multicolor, text selection, notes, and glossary help the student to be more organized.

-The in-built questions are useful in testing the knowledge of the student, in addition to helping him understand specific topics requiring extra attention.

With all the above facts, it is evident that Apple technology has become a great boost to learning. For students with various disabilities, learning has been made possible and achievable. Students do not have to attend physical classes to learn, instead, they can learn from any location and be able to achieve their goals. It is, therefore, advisable for all students to use Apple products to become versatile learners. You should give it a try and enjoy a world of experience offered by these products and make your learning enjoyable and better. 

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