How can you save money when you buy Apple products?

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In many people’s lives, Apple products and devices such as the iPhone, iPad and Mac are practically as much of a staple as their weekly grocery shopping. However, it’s also true that for great numbers of us, the more expensive Apple devices are ‘luxury’ purchases we might only make occasionally.

So, if you are on the lookout for an Apple product to buy, how can you slash how much you need to spend? Here are some ideas.

Black Friday deals

Sure, Black Friday isn’t quite as massive an occasion for Apple as it is for some brands, when it comes to dishing out the discounts… plus, it only happens once a year.

But if you have the luxury of waiting until November for your next big Apple purchase, it can still be a great time to take advantage of some deals. After all, Apple usually gives away gift cards worth as much as $200, to those buying certain big-ticket items on Black Friday.

Student discounts

You might think that ‘education pricing’ for such products as the Mac and iPad would only be available to staff of these institutions – but if you’re a current or recently accepted college student, you can also tap into such discounts.

Head to the relevant section of Apple’s online store, and you may even be able to get a fine deal on accessories such as wireless headphones or AirTags.

The Apple Trade In service

The idea with the Apple Trade In program is that you trade in your existing device to Apple – as long as it’s on the list of eligible products – and receive credit towards your next purchase.

The Apple website sets out the estimated trade-in value that you can expect for various old Apple products.

Gift cards

It’s worth remembering that it’s not just official Apple stores where you can purchase Apple gift cards – and some stores may offer certain promotions or discounts when you do buy Apple gift cards from them. So, it’s well worth checking what might be available in your area.

Hopefully, the above tips will help you make the most of your budget when you next come to purchase an Apple product. They’re far from the only ways to save money on Apple items, of course, and at this time when many of us are concerned about escalating everyday costs, you might have to get imaginative in how you further reduce what you pay for all things Apple.

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