How many ports does the new 24-inch iMac have?

In recent years, Apple has been criticized by professional users for its lack of support for third-party accessories.

Indeed, some of the latest MacBooks came with just a couple of USB-C ports on one side of the device, forcing users to purchase expensive dongles just so they could connect accessories such as cameras, printers, and external hard drives.

It has taken time, but Apple has finally begun to listen to its professional community and has plans to make amends with its next-generation Macs.

The iMac comes first, and each new model comes with two Thunderbolt ports for superfast data transfers, giving customers high-performance options to connect to more devices, including support for up to a 6K display, like Apple Pro Display XDR, and Wi-Fi 6 delivers faster wireless performance. 

The new 8-core iMac configuration also introduces two additional USB-C ports and also features a 1Gbps Ethernet port in the power adapter, allowing for a less cluttered desktop.

Though there’ll still be some level of compromise, it’s a great leap forward and ensures that professional users can connect important elements to their new iMac, without having to worry about adapters and cables as they once did.

The 27-inch successor should offer even more ports and connectivity options to create a high-end all-in-one for professional users.

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