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How often do you forget your passwords?

The latest in a series of adverts promoting the new iPhone X features, has just been uploaded to Apple’s YouTube channel and we have to admit, it’s pretty good.

The advert promotes Face ID and it’s ability to be used to log into apps and websites on your phone, instead of a password. In the humerus minute and a half long advert, the focus is on a man asked to solve a memory challenge in a gameshow-style setup. In the final challenge, the host asks “This morning, you created an online banking password. What is it?”

The arena is packed full of people who all gasp as the man goes through a whole post of possibilities, (his cat’s name, his cat’s name backwards, a series of numbers) and struggles to give an answer. The scene becomes increasingly intense and in the last few moments, he whips out his iPhone X and uses his Face ID to win the show as his password is entered automatically.

The scene suddenly changes to the same man in a coffee shop in the real world, where he celebrates quietly as Face ID automatically enters his password for him after scanning his face.

The screen reads “Your face is your password” as the advert ends. This is just one of a number of Apple’s adverts to promote the new Face ID features.

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