How technology is changing sports fandom outside the stadium

Milwaukee Bucks v Boston Celtics | Nowadays, thanks to technology, sports fans can have an interactive viewing experience even outside of the stadium or arena

Technology has given society countless new advantages. From facilitating developments in the world’s most important sectors like healthcare, manufacturing, telecommunications and more, to simply making business processes more efficient and convenient, tech innovations are clearly here to stay.

The world of sports is no different, as it is has been positively affected by technology for decades now. However, nowadays the modernization of the industry is more evident than ever before, thanks to huge progressions in tech which have helped to forge the ultimate fan experience. Although there are dozens of examples, in this article we take a look at just four ways in which technology is revolutionizing the concept of being a sports fan.

On-demand streaming

NBA League Pass – Streaming service

Attending intense sports matchups or tournaments in person is an invaluable aspect of fandom, but when you can tune in to the same content 24/7 from the comfort of your own home, traveling long distances and buying expensive tickets to games undoubtedly takes a backseat. Many sports fans today have access to a variety of on-demand streaming services at the click of a button. Some of the best providers in 2021 include fuboTV, Sling TV, and YouTube TV. Fans can also opt for league-specific streaming services that connect them immediately to the teams and games they support, such as the NBA League Pass for professional basketball, and NHL.TV for pro hockey.

The sophistication of online sports betting

Another way many sports supporters connect themselves to the game they love is through sports betting. Nowadays, placing wagers on sports is an activity that has been given a huge digital presence in those locations that have legalized online betting. Here, sports enthusiasts can access expert picks and stats wherever they are, analyzing which players and franchises to make a stake on. Certain sportsbook providers also offer virtual tools for their customers to calculate which strategies to use when placing a bet. For example, a parlay calculator is one of these tools that a bettor can utilize to calculate the payout of any one wager. Additionally, the presence of betting guides and educational content makes the process straightforward and simple for first-timers. All in all, online wagering has greatly enhanced the sports betting process for sports fans everywhere.

Virtual fantasy league communities

eSports Sea Games

Aside from betting on real teams and athletes, the digital world has also given fans entire communities within virtual fantasy league creation. For supporters who love all aspects of the sports world, fantasy leagues give them a chance to form their own successful franchise and management team with just a few clicks. The entire process allows sports enthusiasts to couple their real fandom with their fantasy fandom, becoming even more excited when their players win and dominate their leagues. The digital era has brought dozens of fantasy-specific platforms to the surface, giving supporters various opportunities to play General Manager and build their organizations from the ground up.

Next-generation consoles like the newly released PS5 are revolutionizing the way sports video games are played

Sports video game titles 

Many sports fans also enjoy playing sports video games as the activity intertwines gameplay with the franchises and players recognizable from the real world. And sports console titles that feature basketball or football, for example, have never been more technologically advanced than they are today.


The recent release of NBA2K21 illustrates this perfectly, as the game features some of the most realistic graphics ever seen in a sports video game, such as beads of sweat on a player’s face and extremely crisp images. With the help of the equally new PS5 to bring it to life, users enjoy gameplay that rivals the real thing.

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