How to cross-post your Instagram Stories on Facebook It's easier than ever to keep friends updated.

It’s now possible to cross-post Instagram Stories on Facebook to expand your reach and keep your friends and family updated on your latest goings-on, saving you time.

Facebook has been working hard to increase the adoption rate of its Facebook Stories feature, and now it’s possible to share your Instagram Stories on Facebook to reach a secondary audience.

This is the latest attempt to merge Facebook, Messenger, Instagram, and WhatsApp, following the introduction of Messenger messaging inside of Instagram.

The new cross-posting feature is currently undergoing beta testing, but a growing number of users are finding that they have access to it. To check, open your Stories feature on Instagram and you should receive a pop-up, where Facebook will tell you that “your followers can choose to view your Instagram story from Facebook.” A full rollout is expected soon.

According to the beta, Instagram followers can then link their account to Facebook and allow Facebook users to see their Instagram Stories. However, people who don’t follow you on Instagram won’t be able to see your story, giving you some added privacy and protection.

Facebook will make it clear where your story comes from by changing the color of the circle around the story on Facebook. For stories published via Facebook, you’ll see a blue circle, and for those on Instagram, you’ll see the traditional pink and orange circle.

Speaking of the new feature, a spokesperson for the company said: “We’re testing a new feature that gives people the option to view stories from Instagram on Facebook, making it easier to view moments from people you care about, regardless of what app you’re using.

“To see Instagram Stories on Facebook, people must have their accounts linked and opt into the experience. This feature respects all privacy settings, and people on Instagram can choose to not have their story visible on Facebook.”

Are you going to start cross-posting your stories? Let us know and check back for more.

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