How to streamline your business’ human resource processes

It’s simple to feel torn in several directions in a field as big as human resources. Compliance standards for hiring and managing personnel can be a significant burden on a busy HR department already tasked with meeting the demands of employees and upper management. Effective HR management allows you to accomplish more in less time. Therefore, you’ll have more time to invest in your staff and provide superior service to your employees.

In today’s world, everyone is running behind schedule. The more time- and labor-saving strategies you are able to enforce, the more time you have to add to the bottom line. Trying to find methods to save time and improve productivity is similar to discovering money on the ground. The following is a list of potential routes that can lead you there.

Integrate human resource & payroll functions 

When payroll is handled independently of other human resources functions, it raises the likelihood of double entries and mistakes. Changes to staffing levels or pay rates, for instance, necessitate updates to the human resources and payroll systems, which might cause inconsistencies in personnel records. 

On the other hand, when payroll is integrated with other HR processes, such as time and attendance, benefits administration, and headcount reporting, there is more excellent uniformity and less room for error in the pay that is distributed. You may save time and effort by consolidating your payroll and human resources data onto a single platform.

Add employee self-service 

Employee self-service allows you to be responsive to employee requests without requiring HR staff to spend time on mundane tasks like answering inquiries or handing out paperwork. As a result, your HR team will be able to focus on other tasks, and employees will have easier access to the data they need to make informed decisions about their salary, benefits, and HR regulations.

Changes in personal information, such as a move or a modification to direct deposit preferences, can be made by employees themselves through self-service. In addition, it provides staff with access to the following data: 

  • Payroll records, including pay slips and W-2 forms 
  • Coverage descriptions and summaries of benefits 
  • Documentation of working hours, requests, and accruals


The process of offboarding employees can be just as tricky and time-consuming as the process of onboarding new employees. Offboarding procedures frequently involve revoking credentials, collecting identification, conducting an exit interview, and completing a variety of other documentation. You may help ensure that all the correct boxes are checked by automating these processes, so even if your emotions are running high, you won’t miss anything important. 


It can be a nightmare to try to organize training sessions that fit into everyone’s busy schedule and find a time that works for everyone. Employees are now able to fulfill necessary training on their own time and at their speed, thanks to advancements in digital technology such as webinars, applications, and HR portals. By setting up automated notifications for them, you can further ensure that they do not forget to do the required training.

The hiring process and initial orientation 

Two of the most vital tasks that HR departments perform are hiring new employees and orienting them to their new roles. On the other hand, not only are they two of the most time-consuming tasks, but they also include a significant amount of information processing and paperwork. 

Streamlining the recruiting and onboarding procedures can not only simplify and speed the experience but can also decrease the risk of human mistakes, eliminate the loss of critical documentation, and improve new-hire status transparency across divisions.

Go paperless 

Working with paper makes it more challenging to monitor and assess worker data in real-time. Getting rid of paper and moving to the cloud allows you to have more recruiting and personnel data at your disposal, allowing you to make more educated decisions. For instance, a cloud-based HR system with application tracking capacity can replace the need to keep track of paper resumes and candidate emails. All applicants for a given position are displayed, together with their interview notes and sources.


If you want to spare yourself the time and stress of doing it yourself, you could hire a company that has won awards and is composed of industry specialists to streamline your paperwork. If you are looking for payroll and HR solutions in New Zealand, Info-Tech Systems Integrators will be able to help you.

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