How to use social media for marketing your small business


You have already read hundreds of articles about social media marketing, about how you should post quality content, target your audience, and only spend 30 minutes per day on social media, and so forth. These are all weak-sauce tips that won’t make any significant progress. These tips will give you the jump-start you need so that you don’t have to spend the next ten years posting content before the social media algorithms pick you up.

You can buy a popular profile

Other people have built their audience, and now they are looking to sell. Go to a website like Fame Swap and search for a reasonably priced social media profile that you can take over. Do not rush into the decision. There are some that have had their numbers plumped by bots, and others that have simply ripped a bunch of stuff off TikTok and Instagram and then repackaged them. You need to visit the profiles and see what people’s interactions are like and see if they have real-looking interactions. For example, 5033 views and 5000 likes are pretty suspicious.

Feel free to buy more than one social media profile. This is a commonly overlooked trick. You can even post similar content across your profiles to get the broadest amount of attention. Then, when some of the profiles start doing better than others, you focus all your energy on those and really get your marketing message out there. 

Get onto the emerging social media areas

Some of the traditional social media platforms are failing to connect with audiences. The YouTube rules on restricted speech are getting people banned, Twitter is full of bots, and Facebook is still dominated by younger people (which is fine if you are marketing to younger people, but not much help otherwise).

There was a time when TikTok was the new kid on the scene, and now it is dominating. People are a little shy about investing their time and effort into new social media platforms because you can never know which will flourish and which will fail. We all remember MySpace, Google+, and Vine. 

However, the likes of “Rumble” are really flying at the moment and have just had a cash injection of 400 million, so expect even bigger things in the future. Also, the current Twitter alternative is GETTR, which is also growing in popularity due to its more balanced approach to social justice. Get on these emerging social media platforms soon and grab your screen name before somebody else does. You don’t want to have to add numbers or an X to the end of your screen name because some spotty teen in Ohio got your screen name before you.

Pay for advertising

It is the best and fastest way to increase engagement and followers. The best system on the Internet to date is the one for TikTok because it is all pre-paid, it is effective, and it is effortless to use. After that, there is the YouTube promote function, which is fine if you set a reasonably low daily budget (too high and the click-scammers will target you and you will receive clicks with no views). After that, grab a business account on Rumble and start spreading your message across the Internet like oil across a pond, and then look into Facebook promotions. Add an advert of a piece of promotional content to your Facebook wall, and then “Boost” it to get more engagement. It is not an efficient system, but it digs deep into the Facebook database and often pulls up a few people who end up following you. It is not as good or effective as TikTok, but it is far cheaper than what YouTube charges.

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