How to watch Trump’s inauguration on your iPad

Many will attend the inauguration to see Trump welcomed into the White House, others will attend to protest the inauguration, and there have even been some rumors of a planned DDoS attack on the White House as it happens. Whatever your opinions may be on Trump, his presidency starts today, and the entire event is going to be streamed live for the world to see – including the supposedly huge inauguration concert.

The entire ceremony is going to be streamed live from a number of news channel’s YouTube channels, so through the YouTube app you can watch the event as well as listen to the live commentary. CBS News will cover the event, as will PBS, Fox News, C-SPAN, NBC, CNN as well as Telemundo, so be sure to check their official YouTube channels and websites to check for streams.

Buzzfeed will also be hosting a Facebook Live event which will provide full coverage of the event, as well as other areas of Washington. This is due to start at 10 a.m. ET, so check out their official Facebook page.

Other Facebook Live events will show coverage of different areas of Washington, including coverage of several different women’s marches planned in protest of today’s proceedings. Vox reporter Liz Plank will be reporting on the marches on Vox’s official Facebook page.
Keep your eyes glued to the iPad today if you can’t make it down to Washington because today is going to prove to be a very important day for America – for better or for worse.

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