Huawei to Reveal Smartphones at Media Event in New York?

The Chinese telecoms company Huawei has already impressed in many countries, including its home country, with its good value flagship smartphone the Huawei P8. However, the line of P8 smartphones, including the P8 Max and P8 Lite, have not yet been brought to the States – so you can imagine how intrigued we are to have learnt that Huawei are set to next month appear at a media event in New York City, where new smartphones for the US market seem likely to be on display.

Though we would be excited about seeing the Huawei P8, which was officially announced back in April, and other versions in that product line on display in preparation for their launch in our country, there are other possibilities for what Huawei could be set to unveil. The company could, for example, show its similarly recent budget handset, the Huawei Honor 4C. In fact, we could be seeing quite a large number of new devices at the event, including perhaps the Huawei Mate 8, which looks bound for an official unveiling in China next month.

However, as the New York event will be held on June 2, about two weeks before the Mate 8 event in China is reportedly due to take place, the Huawei P8, perhaps along with the above mentioned P8 Max and P8 Lite, looks most likely to be center stage.

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