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Huge Smartphone Batteries Unveiled by Lenovo and Acer

Tech manufacturers Lenovo and Acer have unveiled new phones with significantly larger than usual batteries. However, Lenovo’s phones, the K80 and the A5000 will only be sold in Asia, with the former hitting the Chinese market and the former planned for India. The batteries contain cells with 4,000 mAh capacities, making them a third higher than components found in the latest iPhone and Samsung Galaxy devices.

Longer battery life is the Holy Grail for manufacturers and consumers, although Apple design man Jony Ive recently said the relatively low time away from the socket offered by the iPhone was a worthwhile trade-off due to the device’s innovation, look and feel. These bigger batteries have usually been seen in tablets rather than smartphones.

Acer’s Liquid X2 phone has been designed with business travel in mind. Experts say tech companies are working hard to cater for consumers who are constantly looking at the screens and engaging in intensive activities like watching video. More and more people are watching video on the move due to 4G, with batteries being drained faster as a result. Experts say that companies lacking the prestige of Apple and Samsung need to find ways to entice consumers with features including extended battery life.

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