Hyundai confirms it’s in talks with Apple over Apple Car production It's the biggest indicator yet that Apple's working on its own car.


Hyundai has confirmed that it has held talks with Apple over the production of Apple Car.

Despite Apple’s self-driving electric car being rumored for several years, the story has been taken up a gear in recent weeks, with Apple getting closer to testing and manufacturing of its own branded vehicle.

Now, it appears as though the company is in talks with automakers to help manufacture its first car – with Apple considering outsourcing assembly to Hyundai.

As first reported by Hankyung, Apple has held advanced negotiations with Hyundai about the possibility of producing its new car. They revealed that Hyundai would help manufacture its electric car and work on the development of electric batteries to power the automobile.

The idea would be for Hyundai to work on the development in the United States, at one of its existing facilities, allowing Apple access to top talent and machinery overnight.

Bloomberg later followed up the reports, suggesting that Apple Car would launch in around five years.

In an unusual move, however, Hyundai itself has indeed confirmed that it has held talks with Apple over the possibility of assembling its vehicles in the United States. Speaking to CNBC, a spokesperson for Hyundai said Apple was in discussions “with a variety of global automakers, including Hyundai Motor,” confirming the company’s intentions to launch a car.

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