IBM to Buy Up to 200,000 Macs Yearly for its Employees

IBM, the hugely influential technology corporation commonly nicknamed ‘Big Blue’, is preparing to move a large percentage of its employees onto using Macs rather than the current standard Lenovo ThinkPads, according to fresh information unearthed by MacRumors.

The corporation had already, several months ago, used an internal memo to reveal its intention to buy up to 50,000 MacBooks for its employees before 2015’s end. However, a new internal video for employees this week has revealed that IBM could actually annually purchase 150,000-200,000 Macs.

The video, which was acquired by MacRumors and can be watched below, shows IBM’s chief information officer, Jeff Smith, recalling a conversation he had with his Apple counterpart, Niall O’Connor, about IBM plans for converting many of its employees to Mac usage.

In this video, Smith tells of saying to O’Connor that IBM could purchase several times more Macs than the Cupertino firm’s current largest corporate customer, which buys only about 25,000 MacBooks annually. This apparently left O’Connor eager for a deal – and Smith adds that, in a recent conversation between his company’s vice president Fletcher Previn and Apple CEO Tim Cook, the former indicated that 50-75% of IBM’s workers could take up Macs as a result of the deal.

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