Iconic MMO RuneScape coming to iOS this summer

Jagex has confirmed that its iconic massively multiplayer online game (MMO) RuneScape is coming to iOS this summer.

The game, which entered its 20th anniversary year in January, has been available on desktop for two decades and made its way to Steam last year. Its sister game, Old School RuneScape, has been available on iOS for a couple of years and has enjoyed impressive growth as gamers return to the platform for new adventures.

The new app will offer full cross-platform gameplay and progression between the mobile and desktop editions and come complete with all the quests, characters, lore, and locations from the living game’s 20-year history.

Users can now pre-order the game on the Apple App Store, and doing so will allow them to unlock a series of exclusive in-game rewards for the player community as the number of pre-orders grow, such as a new hairstyle, a teleport device, a sword, a pet, and armor, as well as a 50% XP boost across a seven-day period.

Speaking of the launch of RuneScape on iOS and Android, Ryan Ward, RuneScape Executive Producer, said: “Today’s invitation to pre-order and pre-register is a massive and exciting moment. It has been no small feat to bring one of the world’s largest MMORPGs to the world’s largest and most widespread gaming platform. This Summer, we will be ready to welcome players on mobile to a fantastical, living world and through endless discovery connect them to a RuneScape community of millions.

“Our community means everything to us, and we have taken the time in Early Access to listen to player feedback and create an experience that was as awesome on mobile as it is on desktop. Given RuneScape’s 20-year heritage, to have the whole of RuneScape running on mobile is a monumental achievement and we couldn’t be more excited for launch.”

Are you looking forward to playing RuneScape on iOS? Let us know and check back soon for more.


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