If Apple’s Products Were Their Own Companies…

In the past ten days, Slate and Time (in partnership with Fortune) have posted some pretty mind-blowing facts about Apple and its revenue. Take a look at how other companies stack up in comparison to Apple.

Fact #1: “If the iPhone were a company in its own right, it would be bigger than McDonald’s and Coca Cola combined.”

Or at least as big. This quarter, Apple moved 35.2 million iPhones, resulting in $19.75 billion in sales. Compare that to McDonald’s and Coca Cola’s combined revenue of $19.75 billion, Google’s $15.96 billion, and Amazon’s $19.74 billion.


Fact #2: “Apple’s sales from hardware accessories is larger than Chipotle’s revenue.”

Let’s face it–people love their headphones more than they love their tacos and burrito bowls. Apple’s hardware accessories sales came to $1.3 billion, topping Chiptole’s $1.05 billion.

Fact #3: “Apple’s iTunes, software, and services businesses are bigger than eBay.”

Apple’s iTunes, software, and service businesses generate $4.5 billion, indeed a larger revenue than eBay’s $4.37 billion.

Fact #4: “The iPad generated more revenue last quarter than Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo, Groupon, and Tesla combined.”

Though iPad sales may be declining, at nearly $5.9 billion in sales the iPad beats out the combined revenues of Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo, Groupon, and Tesla.


Fact #5: “While sales of the old iPod line may be shrinking, it’s still 77% larger than Twitter.”

The old iPod line generated $442 million in sales, beating out Twitter’s $250 million quarterly revenue. If that’s not impressive, then what is?

So, as seen in the charts, even in a slow quarter Apple is top dog. The facts don’t lie, people. Even if Apple hasn’t come out with a new product since the Jobs era, the company is alive and well and here to stay.