IGN Releases Epic “Playstation All-Stars” Companion App

Last November, Sony and SuperBot Entertainment gave birth to the highly anticipated fighting game, “Playstation All-Stars.” This one-on-one rumble features a wide array of well-known PlayStation heroes and villains, including characters like Kratos, Nathan Drake, Big Daddy, and even Fat Princess. It’s already receiving great reviews from a mass of game critics, and it has even inspired an in-depth companion application.

The IGN Playstation All-Stars app is a very polished tool, with a plethora of useful information. Upon first opening the app, you’ll notice a couple archives, full of videos and news clippings that came out before and after the title was released. There are a lot of developer diaries and questionnaires that will really give you some insight into how the developers came up with such an epic release.

This app is more than just Q&A though. Under all the archives, you’ll find a fully-integrated wiki, stocked to the brim with useful information. You’ll have access to the entire list of characters, as well as their background stories. You can get quick information on their moves and how to perform them, and you’ll even have a guide dedicated to unlocking all of the characters’ alternate costumes. There is even a handy “Starters Guide” for all of you out there who are new to fighting games.

This app really is a gold mine of information for all you Playstation All-Stars fans. The free price tag gives you no excuse not to download this wonderful tool to your iDevice. IGN has started to break a lot of ground lately in the world of game-specific applications, and this newest companion app is just one more good-looking release to add to the growing collection. So grab the IGN Playstation All-Stars companion app from the App Store today, and keep your eyes on AppleMagazine, as we update you about more IGN app releases and guides in the future.

Photo Credit: IGN

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