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iMac Pro available tomorrow in 8 or 10 core configurations

Apple has announced it will put its brand new iMac Pro on sale from tomorrow.

The new device, which has a $4,999 starting price, will be available in 8-core and 10-core models, will be available to order from Apple’s official online store from tomorrow, which is on target with its original December release date.

According to YouTuber Marques Brownlee, a high-end 18-core iMac Pro will be available to purchase early next year, alongside a 14-core model to give users four configuration options.

The iMac Pro will be available to order tomorrow starting at $4,999 in the United States. The new device will also be available to purchase in Canada, the United Kingdom, and several other countries, with a worldwide rollout expected to follow in 2018.

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