In the Current Week’s Issue of Apple Magazine

The past week’s issue covers quite a few topics, some practical and some simply interesting.  If you have a kid who keeps racking up hefty charges from upgrading games on your device, this is an issue you might find helpful.  In-app purchases are annoying to say the least.  Even worse, especially for parents, it’s pretty easy for a child to unknowingly spend a few hundred dollars in a fifteen-minute window.  Luckily, as described in “In-App Purchases: Policy Comes Under Fire,” “the Office of Fair Trading is holding the App Store and other like-minded online stores accountable” (Tucker).  The article also discusses how best to navigate in-app purchases so that you don’t end up with a scary bill.

Speaking of finances, “prices have been slashed in some of the most important stores in the US” for the iPhone 5c (Kerry and Lenaghan) according to “Prices Slashed: iPhone 5c Price Drops More Than Half”.  This article revolves around how the 5c is being marketed as well as the popularity of the iPhone 5s compared to the 5c.  Some mention is also made of rumors surrounding the release of the iPhone 6, one of those rumors being that the new iPhone model “will finally bring Apple into the phablet market” with a larger screen plus all the features of the 5s.

In the realm of the new and innovative comes the new Apple company complex in Cupertino, California.  Apparently, the building “will look and, yes, act like, a mothership” (Lasky).  What’s notable about the plans for the building is the circular design.  Think about King Arthur’s Round Table; it was a place of discussion and collaboration.  It was a place where every voice was heard.  The goal is the same for the new campus.  “Beam Me Up: Apple Plans the Mothership” gives more detail about the features of the building and how it was planned.

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