India could force Apple to switch to USB-C

India could follow the European Union in forcing Apple to switch to USB-C.

The country is reportedly in the early stages of imposing new regulations on consumer electronics, and one of those would be to force manufacturers to adopt a universal standard charger such as USB-C.

According to Mint, the country looks set to impose the change as soon as 2024, similar to the European Union’s fall 2024 deadline for technology companies. Should the legislation be approved in Europe, brands would need to switch to USB-C before 2024 to avoid fines and potential legal action.

In India, officials have been working with industry stakeholders and consumer electronics makers to discuss the impacts of switching to a single charger. The country wants to collaborate with brands to deliver the best consumer outcome.

Apple is already reportedly considering a switch to USB-C for its iPhones, according to leaked rumors. Since 2012, the company has been slowly moving other products across to the standard, including the iPad Air and iPad Pro. To appease the EU and markets like India, Apple is reportedly testing an iPhone with a USB-C charger internally and could release it alongside the iPhone 15 in 2023.

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