Instagram is helping users deal with it’s algorithm

Instagram’s undoubtedly confusing algorithm has been an issue for some time, which is probably way they’ve officially launched their “You’re All Caught Up” feature after previously testing it with a number of users back in May.

When it moved from a chronological algorithm back in 2016, the popular social media app received a fair amount of criticism. One of the main issues was that the algorithm-based feed encourages mindless browsing and confusion about the posts that are new or unseen.

The “You’re All Caught Up” feature will instead create a more straightforward experience for users, both on iOS and Android.

Today, you’ll start noticing a “You’re All Caught Up” message when you’ve seen every post from the last two days. We’ve heard that it can be difficult to keep track of your seen posts. With this message, you’ll have a better understanding of your Feed and know you haven’t missed recent photos or videos.

Instagram hasn’t shared exactly how the new feature works so of course some are still wondering whether the algorithm still plays a role or if it means that you’ve seen absolutely every post from all users you follow in a two-day time period.

Last month, Instagram said that its still not considering a chronological feed and instead went into more detail about how its current algorithm works.

  • Interest – How much Instagram thinks you’ll care about a post, determined by your past behavior.
  • Recency – How recently a post was shared, with prioritizing timely posts over weeks-old ones.
  • Relationship – How close you are to the person that shared the post, with a higher ranking for people you’ve interacted a lot with on the app such as commenting on their posts or being tagged together in photos.






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