Intel CEO pledges “security first” following Meltdown and Spectre security issues

In order to make peace with technology industry leaders, Intel CEO Brian Krzanich wrote an open letter following one of the most serious security lapses in recent years. Krzanich claims that by January 15, Intel will have issues updates for at least 90% of their CPUs that were produced in the last five years, and updates for all will be issued by the end of the month.

Open letter follows Krzanich’s opening keynote

All eyes were on Krzanich at CES 2018 as he gave the show’s opening keynote, just days after experts in Google found the flaw in the chips made by Intel. These faulty chips are used widely in devices and could affect all computers with Intel chips from the last ten years. Krzanich has again addressed concerns in an open letter following the ‘Meltdown’ and states that they are using a three-pronged approach to security.

Apple reassures customers

Apple customer’s using macOS and iOS devices have been patched with protection against Spectre and Meltdown. According to Apple, Meltdown will not reduce performance on devices and Spectre was fixed through a Safari mitigation and had no significant impact on most tests.

According to Krzanich, the best way to avoid future threats is collaboration within the industry. He ends his letter to say:

“The bottom line is that continued collaboration will create the fastest and most effective approaches to restoring customer confidence in the security of their data. This is what we all want and are striving to achieve.”

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