iOS 12 icon gives clues to new iPad

The eagerly awaited new iPad Pro models are due to be released later this year and everyone is guessing what design changes Apple will make to their popular flagship line of tablets.

A big clue has been spotted in the latest iOS12 developer beta 5 which went live earlier this week. A new icon showing the iPad without a home button, Face ID and with thinner bezels can be found in the battery usage UI.

Increased iPad Display

Thinner bezels would allow Apple to increase the display size without making the body bigger which would be a big plus. There is no word yet on other rumours such as Apple planning to discard the headphone jack.

There has also been lots of speculation that Apple are planning to replace the Touch ID Home button with a TrueDepth camera system with Face ID and this might be a nod towards confirming this.

This would follow the latest Apple design trend that they introduced with the iPhone X. Another controversial aspect is the lack of a notch in the icon. This is more debatable from a design point of view as the 2018 range of iPhones are all strongly rumoured to have notches when they are released later this year.

Fall Launch?

The name of the asset icon is “iPad” and there are no specific system references so all signs point towards a future product launch.

There is still no official announcement or date when Apple is planning to release new iPad Pro models. The new iPhones are being launched in September so there could be an announcement then or there could be a separate, stand-alone event later in the Fall which they have also done in previous years.

As soon as we find out, you’ll find out!

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