iOS 12 now on half of all iPhones and iPads

Tech analysts Mixpanel have reported that Apple met a major milestone for iOS12 at the weekend and that over half of all iPhones and iPads are running the new update.

Apple confirms that 50% of all its devices are running iOS12 and 53% of devices introduced within the last four years. This refers to the iPhone 6 and later as it is devices launched since September 2014.

The figures also show that 7% of devices introduced in the last four years were running iOS10 or earlier. 11% of all of their devices are also in this category. The 4% in between refers to the Apple devices that are still being used that cannot upgrade past iOS10 such as the iPhone 5 and 5c.

Half of one is better than half of another

Adoption of iOS12 is already ahead of its predecessor as iOS11 took until November 8th 2017 to reach the same milestone.

This is the first time that Apple has stated tracking the additional four year time frame in its metrics. The main reason why they have chosen to focus on four years is that a five year window would have included the iPhone 5c which is unable to be updated beyond iOS10.

The general consumer reaction to iOS12 has been hugely positive and is one of the best performing and stable iOS updates recently.

Apple fans are already looking forward to the iOS12.1 update which launches later this year with the much anticipated and long awaited group FaceTime calling feature as well as new animated emoji and memoji.

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