New iOS 12 Rumors

This week Bloomberg predicted some features for iOS12. With less than a year to go until the next major update is publicly released speculation has already begun. Apple introduced iOS11 this year at their WWDC event, and this update changed the notification and control center and the way we use it on our iPhones or iPads. We also saw changes to the App Store, making it more personal.

Apple works harder each year to give us a better user experience, whether that be on Mac, Watch, iPhone, iPad or TV. iOS is continually updated throughout the year with one major update around Autumn time when a new iPhone is typically released. Apple has been rumored to have been planning to combine the iOS experience with MacOS to make users integrate their devices into the Apple ecosystem better than ever before. Though users already have integration with iCloud, linking messages, photos, music and apps, this integration would be on an entirely new level.

Apps seem to be the most prominent feature of this rumor. Bloomberg Technology states that in early 2018 developers will be able to create apps that work with touchscreen, trackpad, and keyboard. The App Store on iOS is one of the biggest App Stores in the world with 2,200,000 applications (May 2016). The App Store on MacOS is not as popular. This is due to the lack of updates on apps on the Mac. This issue would be resolved if each application was the same and if new features and updates occurred at the same time across all devices.

Apple has only recently updated their iOS App Store with iOS11 whereas the Mac App Store has not been updated since 2014 with OS X Yosemite. The Store could use some major updating which could feature better and stronger links with the iOS App Store. Bloomberg warns however that these plans are not set in stone and could still be altered.

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