iOS 12.2 beta sees new Animoji characters introduced

Apple have released iOS 12.2 beta and with it, comes four new Animoji characters. Animoji are 3D character emojis that you are able to control with your face and first arrived in 2017 alongside the iPhone X. Upon its debut 12 characters featured and Apple are gradually introducing fun newbies.

The Animoji characters can be used in the Messages and FaceTime apps and include a shark, boat, owl and a giraffe. Existing character include your very own custom-made character, a monkey, robot, cat, dog, alien, fox, smiling pile of poo, pig, panda, rabbit, chicken, unicorn, lion, Chinese dragon, skull, bear, tiger, koala, dinosaur and ghost. There’s plenty to choose from!

Compatible devices and how Animoji works

Animoji are designed work on devices with a TrueDepth camera system, i.e. the iPhone X, XS, XS Max and XR, as well as modern iPad Pro models.

Whenever you use an Animoji, that TrueDepth camera system analyses over 50 muscle movements in various areas of the face. The system is able to detect movement of the eyes, eyebrows, cheeks, chin, jaw, tongue and mouth. Each facial movement is translated to the character, making them reflect your expression and emotion, this can then be shared as a sticker or video with friends in the Messages app. They can also be used with the effects camera in messages and you’re able to use them instead of your own face whenever you FaceTime someone. 

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