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iOS 14: Designer imagines next year’s iPhone operating system

The dust is still settling on iOS 13, but that doesn’t mean we can’t look forward to 2020 and iOS 14 when Apple is also expected to launch three new 5G-capable iPhones.

Hacker 34 has shared his concept for a new version of iOS 14 on YouTube, captioned: “The iOS you love, more refined. This is iOS 14. Say hello to Split screen on iPhone, smaller call HUD, always-on display, GIF keyboard in addition to better performance, stability, and battery life.”


The new concept offers up some of the most commonly-requested features such as a new user interface for calls.

At present, iOS takes up the whole screen when a new call comes in, and you can’t use your phone until you’ve either accepted or rejected the caller.

What’s more, the concept brings Split View to iOS along with drag and drop support, as inspired by iPadOS and its customization and flexibility options, where users can be browsing the web and watching a YouTube video at the same time.

The concept also imagines a customizable Home screen along with a commonly-requested always-on display featuring complications, borrowing inspiration from Apple Watch Series 5.

What’s also great to see is a bunch of refreshed icons for Apple’s baked-in apps, such as for Safari and the Wallet app, bringing them more up to date with Apple’s current design style.

What are your thoughts on this concept? What features would you like to see Apple bring to iOS 14 next year? Let us know your thoughts and check back soon for more news and rumors.

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