iOS 16 adoption rate higher than iOS 15 thanks to new Lock Screen

iOS 16 is enjoying a higher adoption rate than iOS 15, thanks to the new Lock Screen.

According to analytics company Mixpanel, users are switching to the new operating system at a faster rate than the did iOS 15 this time last year, perhaps in part due to a number of new visual changes.

Ten days after iOS 15 launched this time last year, 19.3% of consumers had already updated. iOS 16, on the other hand, has already been installed by 23.26% of iPhone users, demonstrating demand for the updated version of the software.

Apple overhauled the Lock Screen with this update, offering more customization than before and the ability to add widgets, and of course, there are a number of other popular changes like the ability to edit and unsend iMessages, which will go down well with the general public.

What’s interesting to note is that consumers can stay on iOS 15 instead of upgrading to iOS 16, as Apple now offers both options from the Software Update menu. There are a number of bugs and small issues with iOS 16 in its current form, but the upcoming iOS 16.1 update will add new features like Live Activities for the Lock Screen, an improved battery indicator, and perhaps new emoji.

Are you pleased to hear that iOS 16 is going down well? Let us know and check back soon for more.

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