iOS 17.5 Unveils ‘Repair State’ without Disabling Find My Apple's latest iOS update introduces a simpler way to manage repairs without compromising security.

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With the rollout of iOS 17.5, iPhone users will encounter a more streamlined process when sending their devices for repairs. Traditionally, sending an iPhone to Apple or an authorized repair center required users to disable the Find My feature to verify ownership and ensure the device wasn’t lost or stolen. The new update introduces a “Repair State” mode, eliminating the need to turn off Find My, thereby maintaining security and simplifying the repair process.

This feature was released to developers on Tuesday and is currently in beta testing. It allows users to activate Repair State via the Find My app, confirming their ownership through their Apple ID and password. This verification is sufficient for Apple technicians to proceed with repairs without disabling the additional security measures introduced in iOS 17.3, like Stolen Device Protection.

The necessity of this update became apparent with the introduction of Stolen Device Protection, which imposes a time delay on altering sensitive settings, including Find My. This added layer of security, while beneficial, has led to confusion and delays at repair facilities, as some users were unaware of the required wait times.

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Once Repair State is enabled, the Find My app will display a badge indicating the iPhone is “ready for repair” and confirm that the device remains “fully functional”. However, it’s important to note that for now, there appears to be no way for users to manually revert the device from Repair State once enabled. This functionality may still be under development, or it might be designed for deactivation solely by Apple technicians post-repair.

As iOS 17.5 continues its beta phase, users are advised to refrain from prematurely enabling Repair State until more information is available or until the full public release, expected in May. This update, while primarily focusing on enhancing privacy and security measures, also includes minor design adjustments and new anti-stalking features, contributing to a modest yet significant enhancement of the iOS experience. However, it is important to note that Repair State is currently exclusive to iPhone and does not extend to iPad devices.

'Find My' over iCloud web
‘Find My’ over iCloud web
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