iOS 17 Enhances Photos App to Recognize Pets In iOS 17, Apple has expanded the image recognition capabilities of the iPhone, empowering the Photos app to recognize pets in addition to humans.

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Previously known as the “People” album, the album has now been renamed to “People and Pets”. This modification stems from the enhanced ability of the Photos app to detect and identify animals, particularly pets, based on the frequency of their appearance in your photographs.

Pets that only feature in one or two photos will not be included in this album. However, if multiple images showcase the same pet, that pet will be listed in the album. Users can assign a name to the pet and confirm additional photos of them.

Within this album, users can access all images featuring their pet, a convenient feature which also enables the creation of specific memories of the pet in the ‘For You’ section.

The pet recognition feature has demonstrated accuracy in differentiating between pets with similar coloration. In tests, the app correctly distinguished between two white cats, two orange cats, and two tabby cats without making any errors.

The Look Up feature now provides more accurate icons for pets, and the app attempts to specify the species of the pet.

Apple has also refined the Photos app in iOS 17 with Visual Look Up for food items, generating recipes for similar dishes and an option to seek information about a subject as you remove it from a photo’s background. The Visual Look Up feature now also supports videos.

These modifications to the Photos app are currently available on the iOS 17 beta for developers, while Apple intends to launch an iOS 17 public beta next month.

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