iOS 17 Update to Fix iPhone 15 Pro Overheating Overheating concerns with the iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max will soon be addressed, as Apple announces an impending iOS 17 update.

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In a recent statement shared with MacRumors and Forbes journalist David Phelan, Apple highlighted that certain conditions led to the iPhone running warmer than usual.

While some warmth is expected during the initial days after setup or restoration, mainly due to heightened background activities, Apple identified an iOS 17 bug affecting some users. This bug will be rectified in the forthcoming software update.

Concurrently, specific third-party app updates, including notable ones like Instagram, Uber, and ‘Asphalt 9: Legends’, have been recognized as contributors to the overheating problem. Efforts are underway as Apple collaborates with the app developers to provide a solution.

Instagram, being proactive, has already launched a corrective update.

Apple’s assurance emphasizes that the perceived heating doesn’t pose a safety risk, nor will it hamper the iPhone’s long-term functionality. Contrary to some speculation, the iPhone 15 Pro’s titanium frame and aluminum infrastructure are not factors behind the overheating, indicating there’s no hardware issue at play.

The iOS 17.1 update, anticipated to roll out by the end of October, is set to incorporate the bug fix. Additionally, Apple may release an interim update, such as iOS 17.0.3, for quicker resolution.

Despite the concerns, it’s worth noting that not all iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max users have reported this issue, and the magnitude of affected users remains uncertain.

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