iOS 18: Siri to Get Smarter with AI-Powered App Controls Siri is set to receive significant artificial intelligence (AI)-powered upgrades in iOS 18, enhancing its ability to control individual app functions with greater precision and intelligence.


Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman has revealed that the upcoming improvements will enable Siri to navigate iPhones and iPads more accurately.

Siri will soon be capable of opening specific documents, moving notes to different folders, sending or deleting emails, opening publications in Apple News, emailing web links, and summarizing articles. Initially, these capabilities will be limited to Apple’s own apps, but the company plans to support hundreds of commands.

Currently, Siri offers limited functionality through app intents and the Siri shortcuts system. However, this new system will allow Siri to have more comprehensive knowledge and control over an app’s functions.

This development aims to reduce instances where Siri fails to understand commands, moving closer to the intuitive, natural language assistant that users have long desired.

Future enhancements will include the ability to handle multiple commands simultaneously, though this feature won’t be ready at the iOS 18 launch. Eventually, users will be able to chain commands together, such as summarizing a meeting and texting the summary in one request, or cropping a picture and emailing it in one go.

This multiple-command support represents another step towards a more capable and responsive Siri.

These AI advancements promise to make Siri a more effective and reliable digital assistant, aligning with user expectations for a modern, intelligent helper.


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