iOS 6 Passbook App: The Mobile Wallet

The release of iOS 6 has many people searching the internet like mad, looking for answers on what the new features are and how to use them. One of the new features, and in my opinion one of the most helpful, is called Passbook. This app will allow you to rid yourself of all those gift cards, loyalty cards, and coupons you have been holding onto for years..

Passbook can do more than just membership cards too. How about train information or flight passes? Apple has you covered. Passbook is linked to American Airlines and soon most major metro area transportation systems like Metro North. Now the way the tool works is if you have an app that supports Passbook like the Target app it will notify you of coupons, and Target card offers that day or week, when you enter a Target store. It will also store your card so when you reach the check out you can just scan your phone.

Many people are still confused on how the app works, so here is a little run down. It feeds off of apps you have installed on your iPhone or iPod Touch (app not available on the iPad) that have support for the feature built in. Another example is say you buy tickets to see a baseball game through StubHub. In your email confirmation you’ll be able to click “add to Passbook.” Once you reach the ball park just have them scan your barcode. The other nice feature besides shedding all the paper and plastic, is the app will notify you of real time changes, like rain delays, or flight changes.  In conclusion this new feature is one of iOS 6’s biggest highlights. Support from developers is still being rolled out, and soon thousands of apps will support Passbook.

Apps that support Passbook:

  • Fandango Movies
  • Live Nation
  • At Bat
  • Lufthansa
  • Sephora To Go
  • Ticketmaster
  • Walgreens
  • At The Ballpark
  • Target
  • United Airlines
  • American Airlines
  • Shop Your Way
  • Belly Card
  • Stamp Card
  • eBillet
  • Me Network
  • Cineplex Mobile
  • Flickd Movies Lite


There is one website called that will allow you to create passes for apps that have not yet began support of Passbook. This website is not affiliated with Apple in anyway but it works great.

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