iOS 6 Unveils New WiFi Plus Cellular Feature

A new feature will be coming to Apple devices this fall according to with the release of iOS 6. The feature will be able to automatically detect when a WiFi network is crumbling and move your connection back to the cellular network until the WiFi network clears up, preventing any important data loss and keeping your most important applications running without issue.

Given the name “Wi-Fi Plus Cellular,” the feature is listed under General->Cellular systems setting pane in the latest beta of iOS 6. If Apple chooses to include this option in the final release of the software, you will be able to instruct your iPhone to automatically revert to the cellular network when it detects WiFi issues to keep your iCloud Documents, iTunes purchases, Passbook and Reading Lists up to date.

The feature does not stop at applications and data, it also includes the Face Time feature. If you have a iPhone 4S model it will attempt to keep your video conference running when encountered with WiFi network issues. This may very well be a feature cellular carriers will charge for given the extra data usage required to hold Face Time over a cell network. During iOS 6 beta tests some images were discovered that lead testers to believe AT&T would be charging extra for customers to hold Face Time chats over their network.

In a time where staying “connected” is more important than ever, Apple seems to be making large efforts to ensure users have the most seamless experience possible. Some other additions in the latest iOS 6 beta that are designed with the same theme to keep users connected  include a Bluetooth Sharing feature and an option to be notified when someone subscribed to one of your shared calendars makes an update.

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