iOS 7 Causes Dip in Mobile App Marketing Costs for September, Find Fiksu Indexes

Study Shows Year-Over-Year App Download Volume Has Grown 40 Percent, Fiksu, Inc. (, developer of award-winning app marketing technologies, today published its latest Fiksu Indexes which reflect the impact of September’s iOS 7 and new iPhone 5s/c launches on app marketing. Fiksu also published a study that showcases the extreme growth in app store competition over the past 21 months. For September, the Fiksu Indexes recorded declines in both app marketing costs and app downloads, spurred by the unprecedented adoption of the new iOS 7 and early adopters of the new iPhone devices.

The Fiksu Cost per Loyal User Index decreased by 12 percent in September, or 22 cents, to $1.68 from August’s $1.90. This drop can be partially attributed to the surge of highly engaged users downloading and using apps on the recently-released iOS 7. This was evident from the Fiksu usage tracker, which showed nearly 60 percent of users made the upgrade to iOS 7 in the first 10 days. Developers who were ready with iOS 7 versions of their apps reaped the benefits of this decreased cost.

The Fiksu App Store Competitive Index (which measures the average aggregate daily download volume of the top 200 free U.S. iPhone apps) saw a slight decrease to 5.7 million daily downloads in September from August’s 5.9 million. There was a noticeable lull in app downloads in the weeks leading up to the iOS 7 launch, but was followed by a 25 percent spike as eager consumers rushed to download new apps once they updated their OS. Although the overall three percent decrease is fairly insignificant, this represents a 40 percent increase in download volumes year-over-year, following a trend similar to July (33 percent) and August’s (46 percent) year-over-year comparisons.

“The escalating year-over-year growth revealed in our 21 months of app marketing analysis highlights the huge opportunity facing marketers as smartphone users hungrily download and engage with more apps,” said Micah Adler, Fiksu CEO. “But it also reveals just how competitive it is with more brands getting in on the action. The launch of a new iPhone and iOS in September is the icing on the cake for app marketers as they march into the prime holiday season.”

The Fiksu Indexes measure monthly fluctuations in competition for rank in the Apple App Store and the cost to acquire loyal users(1), helping mobile app marketers benchmark their performance against industry trends.

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Fiksu has accumulated more than 170 billion app actions including launches, registrations, and in-app purchases, as well as massive amounts of data from real-time bidding requests and mobile advertising networks. This data is used to drive real-time optimization of ad campaigns, to help app developers acquire large volumes of loyal users at very efficient costs. Additionally, the company has driven more than 1 billion app downloads for its customers.

Fiksu, Inc./Marketwire