iOS 7 Icons with Parallax Effect and More – AppleMagazine Exclusive


By now, Apple fans will have carefully perused the specification sheet of the all-new version of the iOS platform, but it is actually the iOS 7 icons that are especially likely to go through a storm. That’s because they are expected to take an entirely different, radical form, according to exclusive information that AppleMagazine has received from Cupertino.

According to our reliable internal sources, the design team working directly with Sir Jonathan Ive is preparing a collection of icons that goes some ways beyond what was presented in the first iOS 7 Beta. Those who have already read up on the drastic iOS redesign will already be aware of its extensive dimensionality and texture, manifesting in such features as a screen that adjusts in parallax.


Now even the iOS7 icons are set to be affected by this layering and dimensionality, as they achieve much greater integration with the design concept of the wider platform, adding such key concepts initiated by Ive as not only the 3D simulated parallax effect, but also transparency and glass blur. As the accompanying images show, the parallax effect results in buttons both positively protruding and pressed down.

With the opinions of the experts and public having never been so divergent in the wake of the new platform’s launch, even Ive would have to admit that big surprises are in store for the public version that will leave all the criticism behind. The addition of such elements as glass effect with blur, shadows and parallax to the iOS 7 icons is being carefully studied, and if these get to the final version of the platform, they will help take these mere icons to a conceptual territory completely unexplored until now.

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