iOS 7 Receiving More Interest Than iOS 6 So Far

iOS 7 was announced to the world earlier this week during the Apple Keynote at the WWDC. It's the biggest update to the Apple mobile operating system since the initial release on the first iPhone. It seems it's also garnering more interest than last year's variation of the operating system.

According to Chitika, more people are adopting the iOS 7 beta than did the beta for iOS 6. They are able to tell by watching the Web traffic. They can tell which operating systems were used for browsing. From their data, they can see an “exponential increase in Web traffic from iOS 7-enabled devices after the release of the beta version.”

This could be for many reasons. It doesn't have to be that there are that many developers downloading the iOS 7 beta to create apps. It can be fans of iGadgets in general being able to get their hands on it months ahead of schedule (yes, it does happen). Either way, there has to be some excitement over the release.

And of course there would be excitement over the release of the iOS 7 beta. It's the biggest change to the OS since the iPhone was released. Not only are their major cosmetic changes, but definitely more function changes and additions than were included in the iOS 6 release. Everyone is curious, Apple fan or not, to what it's going to look like and what these changes are.

Hopefully it leads to good news for Apple who has been taking a beating in the press with their falling stock prices and the general thought that they can no longer be innovative. If everyone is this interested early on, the company just needs to find a way to keep that interest through the summer and to the actual release date sometime in the fall.

If you want to see for yourself what iOS 7 looks like, next week's issue will have an article devoted to iOS 7. And if you want a quick look at it, as well as all the other releases mentioned this week at the Apple keynote, download this issue of AppleMagazine by clicking the magazine cover on the right.


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