iOS 8 Beta 6 Not Released To Developers, Only Carrier Testing Partners

Apple Devices iOS 8 August 21, 2014Though it appeared that the sixth iOS 8 beta had not been released alongside OS X Yosemite Beta 6, this wasn’t the case. iOS 8 Beta 6 had, indeed, been released–just not to the wider developer community.

Thus far, developers have been seeded five betas of iOS 8 along with OS X Yosemite betas. On Monday, OS X Yosemite Beta 6 was released without any word on a corresponding iOS 8 beta for developers.

According to a report published on Tuesday by BGR, Apple is not releasing the beta for developer testing “because we are so close to Apple’s GM build.” All testing partners must accept this version by September 5th, just a few days before Apple’s big media event on September 9th where, supposedly, the next generation iPhone will be unveiled.

The build fixes problems with iCloud sync and overuse of data in Maps, as well as issues with Continuity. According to one source, however, the build has been rejected already, as it was found that YouTube did not work in Safari. A more comprehensive list of fixes was provided by BGR:

“OTA Software Update Paths
Carrier Builds
Not Available
User Builds
Not Available

Issues fixed since Seed 5

Baseband & Telephony
Fixed an issue where incorrect pop up message was displayed when SIM was removed
Fixed an issue where clicking on cancel button turned LTE on
Fixed an issue where excessive registration was tried with dual IMSI SIM

Fixed an occasional mail continuity failure from OS X to iOS
Fixed an issue causing continuity to fail after opening control center

Fixed an occasional problem where MT call connection quality would be incorrectly treated as “poor”

Fixed an issue where the active photo cannot be deleted

Fixed a problem where document sync would sometimes consume excessive cellular data

iTunes Store
URLs for the store app are no longer broken in received mail
Fixed a problem with excessive prompts to sign in to the iTunes Store

Fixed an intermittent issue keyword shifting when rotating the screen
Fixed an issue where the emoji keyboard was unusable on Safari

Notes are no longer duplicated when opened through Gmail
Fixed an issue where after withdrawing a draft with attachments, browsing to another message resulted in the attachments getting lost
Fixed an issue where forwarding an email without a photo attachment still sends a photo
Fixed an issue when forwarding an email with an attached photo just brought up the original message without a photo
Fixed an issue where email could be deleted from the lock screen without prompting for a passcode

Fixed a problem where maps would sometimes consume excessive cellular data

Added support for SMS relay opt-in prompt
Fixed issue that caused devices to receive SMS via relay for unselected aliases
Fixed failures sending current location via MMS
Fixed an issue where messages partially overlap Chinese keyboards
Fixed an issue where changing a group name didn’t propagate to other devices until a message is sent

Fixed an issue where an incoming call was being relayed back to originating phone

Fixed an issue where options on declining a call didn’t work with call relay

Fixed an issue where edited photos did not display properly after restoring from backup
Improved full screen photo sharing
Set default to keep all photos on device for users with 5GB iCloud space
Fixed an issue where a user could not select multiple photos and upload to Facebook via Safari

Push Notifications
Improved push connection management upon account logout with multiple associated devices
Fixed a problem where Exchange push notifications would stop after responding to an invitation from the lock screen
Fixed an issue where a user does not receive a notification for incoming messages when the banner for the previous one is pulled down

Fixed an issue unlocking an iPhone while on an active call
Fixed an issue where the keyboard would sometimes become unresponsive when the screen is locked

Visual Voicemail
Fixed an issue where Voicemail could not be played under certain error conditions
Fixed an issue where Phone App hanged when tried to check Voicemail 

If all goes as planned, the golden master of iOS 8 will be seeded to developers the day that the iPhone 6 is announced. Historically, Apple has made its mobile OS publicly available a couple of days before the release of a new iPhone.